Никита Пресняков с невестой готовятся стать родителями
The singer intends to present Alla Pugacheva granddaughter.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

Photo: @alenaakrasnova Instagram Alena Krasnova

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova is now busy preparing a Grand wedding celebration, which is scheduled for July 27. Marriage couples, which will contain 200 guests, promises to be the main social event of the year. Nikita and Alena have been together for about three years, so right after the wedding are going to come to grips with the issue of replenishment in the family.

Grandson of Alla Pugacheva with the bride, as it turned out, it has been a while dreaming about joint children. “I want a girl and a boy! And he dreams about the girl. How many children we will have, we have not yet thought of. Perhaps, God willing…” — said Krasnov.

And while Nikita and Alena “train” for Pets. A couple together caring for two dogs: boy breed Shiba inu and a girl — the German Spitz. As is often the case, between owners and their Pets there are some similarities. According to Nikita, the dog looks more like him and the other dog to Alain.

She also admitted that her very first meeting with Alla Borisovna, which naturally invited to the wedding, were a little tense. “Of course, I was at the beginning very scared and shy… But it was in vain! She is very open and bright person. In short, nothing that I experienced!” — Alena has told in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

Recall that Nikita and Alena are neighbours and childhood lived in the same village, but “noticed” each other just three years ago. Offer hands and hearts Presnyakov made his beloved on the day of her 20th birthday.