Nikita Presnyakov went with a sweetheart overseas

Никита Пресняков отправился с возлюбленной за океан The heir to the dynasty star off in new York. Nikita Presnyakov and his rock band went to the USA to play gigs. The company the musician made up his beloved girl Alena.

      Nikita Presnyakov tries to carry out ambitious plans. The musician with his rock band “Multiverse” went to conquer America. The team was invited to play a concert in new York. Interestingly, this town is almost native for the performer. Nikita spent a few years in the Big Apple, he knows the city like the back of his hand.

      However, the trip to new York this time would be to Presnyakov-younger not so bright, if the company musician was not his girlfriend Alena Krasnova. 19-year-old student escaped from Moscow to support a loved one at the concert. In addition to creative activities, the children still walked around town and had fun. For example, Nikita and Alena decided to tickle your nerves on the extreme rides. The video of their adventures Presnyakov published in the microblog. “We saddled up the catapult”, – he wrote.

      Nikita Presnyakov: “we Have a strong connection Alena”

      “Oh, me four days ago Dima dragged on this ride in St. Petersburg! Screaming in fear so that the whole Peter shuddered”, “Cool! And my friend in a similar thing flying in Greece”, “Scary! But I would venture,” commented an admirer of the musician on his page in Instagram.

      Video Nikita Presnyakov published (@npresnyakov) May 8 2016 11:07 PDT

      We will remind, Nikita Presnyakov is in a relationship with Allen for more than a year. 19-year-old girl became the star family and was even at the birthday Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. The couple spends all their time together, arranges a rendezvous unforgettable, romantic photo shoot. About the wedding of Nikita and Alyona has not yet spoken, however, many environment lovers suspect that the happy event is not far off. Rumors about the pregnancy Krasnov denies, but refuses to talk about future motherhood. So, the girl frankly answered the question friends whether favorite to attend the birth.

      “This is a private matter, too loudly “should”. No one owes nothing, but if a man and a woman together take this decision, then there’s nothing to that. Now so many. I would prefer to see their birth mother, who already knows everything, if not, put them there all, and I feel better, well either one, – wrote Alena. – In General, too early to know”.

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