Никита Пресняков устраивает вечеринки в доме Пугачевой Diva gave her grandson a house in Istria. Alla Pugacheva has long does not live in his famous cottage in Small Berezhki. But Nikita Presnyakov the old-timers of the village see here quite often in the company of his girlfriend Alena Krasnova and many friends.

      Никита Пресняков устраивает вечеринки в доме Пугачевой

      For the first time after moving Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin spouse to the castle in the village of Mud, which he built especially for her, in the famous mansion of the prima Donna in Istria lived with her daughter Kristina Orbakaite with the family.

      Now, however, the villagers Small Berezhki, where is the house of Alla, increasingly I see there is her grandson Nikita Presnyakov. As reported in the press, the famous grandma not so long ago gave the heir to his luxurious mansion. “I have long do not live there, said in an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV Alla Pugacheva. – So let’s everyone recovers Nikita”.

      Никита Пресняков устраивает вечеринки в доме Пугачевой

      By the way, the eldest grandson of the prima Donna in Small Berezhki spent all my childhood. A couple of years ago he met his current girlfriend Alain Krasnov. Mistress Nikita Presnyakov celebrated its 19th anniversary

      The house of the parents of a friend of Nikita Presnyakov is a short distance from the mansion of Alla. Luxury cottage area of thousand square meters located on a plot of fifty acres. The house has a spacious rooms, huge hall with fireplace, where the Diva took friends, multiple bedrooms, guest rooms. There is a sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, access to a private beach and a small Marina.

      However, Alena Krasnova in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” refused to confirm that Nikita Presnyakov received from my grandmother a Royal gift. But the neighbors Pugacheva claim that her grandson is now full owner of its luxurious mansions. They often see here Nikita and Alena. The lovers spend a lot of time in the mansion alone and in the company of friends.

      “Nikita here constantly. And a lot of cars, a Parking spot,” – said one of the residents of the Small banks to the NTV journalists.

      About the parties that satisfied the musician, known to all residents of the village. But the old-timers of the village, just happy to have such a neighbor. The heir to the well-known family behaves modestly. “Nikita is a very decent boy. God grant that all the young people were so,” said one of the neighbors of Alla.

      The villagers said that often see him rolling around on the ATV on the streets of the village, jet ski in Istra. The young man, as you know, is interested in different types of extreme sports. He loves parkour, he likes to snowboard, immersed diving.