Nikita Presnyakov spoke negatively about the Russian pop music

Никита Пресняков негативно высказался о русской поп-музыке
Nikita Presnyakov belongs to the family of the popular representatives of domestic show business: his grandmother is the famous Alla Pugacheva, and parents – Vladimir Presnyakov and Kristina Orbakaite.

Никита Пресняков негативно высказался о русской поп-музыке

This relationship should provide the young person a love of Russian popular music.

But as it turned out, Nikita doesn’t like Russian “pop” and expressed criticism.

“This is making me really starts to bomb. I’m tired of all your friends and girlfriend, because I’m 24 hours and 7 days a week talking about it: it’s getting worse. Even if you take the history of Russian music in Soviet times, the music really was better. Now all the songs — that’s two words,” said Nikita.

Note that very soon Presnyakov Jr. will tie the knot with sweetheart Alena Krasnova.

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