Nikita Presnyakov spoke about his financial situation Despite having very rich relatives, Nikita Presnyakov intends to achieve everything myself, but so far it's not working out very well.

Nikita Presnyakov spoke about his financial situation Primadonna's grandson organized his own rock a long time ago -group, but hardly anyone can name at least one song of the Multiverse team. Basically, the team performs in small clubs, so Nikita's earnings are just as small. =”Nikita Presnyakov spoke about his financial situation” />

When it's completely empty, the son of Kristina Orbakaite is looking for a part-time job in editing, but it happens that there are no clients and then the situation gets worse. According to Presnyakov, not so long ago he had nothing to pay for the apartment, penalties were already being charged, and then, in a hopeless situation, Nikita asked for a loan from his father, who soon returned it to him.

Nikita Presnyakov spoke about his financial situation

Now things are getting better, as the guy discovered the delights of participating in all kinds of TV shows, then he skated, then he whipped Alexei Panin, then he shared stories on NTV programs like “The Stars Came Together”. Meanwhile, his wife Alena Krasnova does not work anywhere and is not particularly worried, because sometimes her billionaire dad throws money at her.

By the way, the other day Nikita had a birthday, he turned 31 years old. On this occasion, the couple held a modest party and a Multiverse concert.

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