Никита Пресняков спас Аниту Цой от удара на съемках
Singer predicted a victory of Russian national team on football has won a large bet.

Никита Пресняков спас Аниту Цой от удара на съемках

Nikita Presnyakov and Anita Tsoy

Photo: Press service of Anita Tsoy

hours for the already legendary match “Russia — Spain” in social networks
premiere of the large-scale clip – “Victory” (“The Win”), directed by Nikita
Presnyakov, a song by Anita Tsoy. The lyrics were prophetic for our

“The day of the match I
called Nikita Presnyakov very early in the morning and said: “Nikitos, know you
for several days did not sleep, prepared our clip — says Anita. I’m sure
we have to release it today, before the match. Want our momentum to victory
caught, the players and the fans.” Nikita has done the almost impossible: to
noon finished installation, and we presented our video in social networks”.

The clip was filmed in the vast expanses of a huge field in
The suburbs. For filming was specially selected the longest day in
year June 21, because the team had a task to shoot a music video for the day. As
a rule, of such a scale are removed in a few days. Shooting began at 5
morning with cinematic traditions — breaking the plate with the name
the clip and the names of the crew. The video was attended by over 600 people, in
among these football fans, who, at the invitation of Anita Tsoy and
Nikita Presnyakov arrived in Moscow early in the morning. The field was recreated
the atmosphere of the football fever sweeping the world these days. Hundreds of people
together with Anita Tsoy sang the key word: “Victory.”

Not without an emergency. From the rush
wind on Anita Tsoy almost fell huge shadow flag. In this moment singer and
the Director discussed the next frame. And this is Nikita in time to catch the heavy
the device and stopped it a few inches from the head of the singer.

“I even had no time to blink, so fast Nikita
reacted, says Choi. — Really scared when I saw
hovering a few inches above a huge light unit. Alive
imagine what happened if he reached his point of falling, that is my
head. Don’t want to think what could be the consequences. Nikita saved me.”

He Presnyakov
says on the offer to work with Anita, he did not hesitate a single minute.

Anita Tsoy and Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: Press service of Anita Tsoy

“We are from different generations, but we have
a lot in common. First of all, in relation to life. Anita is interesting and
says the musician and Director. She is always aware of all the trends, constantly
moving forward. And everything new is always reflected in her work. She
like no other artist in our country, able to motivate, set to
win and result. In General, it’s her song and our music video. Anita
the person-a battery. We started shooting at dawn. She appeared on the court and
all charged energy, which was enough for everybody until evening. And Anita
somehow magically controlled the weather. I don’t know how she
agreed, but every time above us hung the clouds, she was able
to disperse. Very energetically strong artist. I want to believe that part
the energy of the clip will help our team confidently reached the finals of this
Championship! To be honest, I would have appointed Anita the head coach on all types of
sport immediately. I am confident that under her leadership we achieved all first places!”