Nikita Presnyakov responded harshly to critics

Никита Пресняков жестко ответил критикам
Recently in the life of the heir to the famous family of Nikita Presnyakov happy event happened, he married his sweetheart Alena Krasnova.

Никита Пресняков жестко ответил критикам

But recently, the Network a scandal erupted when users accused Nikita in imitation of the famous band Linkin Park. Eventually members began to give the young man advice that really pissed him off.

“Guys, if you fans Boskovich-tanaskovic, do not listen to this music and do not understand it, meaning that anything at all to write? How to put someone here: “I’m not going to Baskov in “Instagram” and not trashing him because he’s not skribit and Gromit”. (…) I am and this is my music, in the West, this music gathers stadiums, and?.. I think all who listen to such – downs? No, they are all just a lot more understanding than the average person,” replied Presnyakov.

According to the musician, who is poorly versed in heavy music, it’s hard to judge the performers.

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