Никита Пресняков публично унизил Николая Баскова The musician entered into a discussion with the users of social media who accused him of imitating the leader Linkin Park Chester Bennington. According to them, Nikita Presnyakov on purpose copies the image of the rocker. The young man answered the critics, saying that those not versed in music.
Никита Пресняков публично унизил Николая Баскова

Musician Nikita Presnyakov, who recently married the knot with sweetheart Alena Krasnova, actively maintains a page in Instagram, and also removes the blog for YouTube. Recently he decided to answer questions from subscribers in the comments to one of the publications from August 23. Followers Presnyakov asked him about their favorite artists and also creative plans. According to Nikita, they with associates of the group Multiverse are going to introduce the album.

Some social media users accused Presnyakov in imitation of the band Linkin Park. The musician said that it is not so. “If you had listened to more heavy music, then learned to distinguish”, he added. However, the followers Nikita did not let up and continued to give him advice. In the result, the young man wrote a long review in which he called on those who do not understand his work, leave useless criticism. In his address to the subscribers Presnyakov mentioned famous pop singer.

“Guys, if you fans Boskovich-tanaskovic, do not listen to this music and do not understand it, meaning that anything at all to write? How to put someone here: “I’m not going to Baskov in “Instagram” and not trashing him because he’s not skribit and Gromit”. (…) I am and this is my music, in the West, this music gathers stadiums, and?.. I think all who listen to such – downs? No, they are all just a lot more understanding than the average person,” said the heir to the famous family.

According to Nikita Presnyakov, the layman is difficult to understand heavy music and to discern the different instruments. He said that it is very different from what used to connoisseurs of pop hits.

“To learn to capture in this music not just noise or op, you need to really develop as a musician, then you’ll see the most complicated guitar and drum parts, as well as complex vocal position. Fans of this music genre can perceive and classics, and jazz, as classical, jazz and metal three complex musical genre. As the saying goes, from classical to metal one step. If you listen to stupid pop music, there is nothing more difficult for her brain is, alas, not learn”, – believes Presnyakov.

Not all social media users agreed with the musician. “Don’t compare yourself still with Baskov. Though he is an Amateur, but a very worthy artist. But from you carries a mile envy,” said one of podeschi Nikita. At the same time another user of the Internet, by contrast, wrote that he shared the opinion Presnyakov. “As for me, it’s cool. And Basque with rhinestone nothing to do with. To each his own”, he said.