Nikita Presnyakov planning her wedding

Никита Пресняков планирует свадьбу Musician well imagine what his celebration. Nikita Presnyakov confirmed that he and Alena Krasnova all very seriously.

      Никита Пресняков планирует свадьбу

      Heir to the star family Nikita Presnyakov, as you know, is not the first year meets with a charming Muscovite Alena Krasnova. The relationship of two young beautiful people are invariably attracts the attention of fans. Nikita and Alena is now one of the most discussed young couples.

      However, Alena Krasnova does not like publicity and attention to what Nikita Presnyakov, who grew up in an atmosphere of openness for the fans, is understanding. So guests on the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”, the main character of which was Nikita’s father, the famous singer Vladimir Presnyakov, a young man came without his girl. However, the conversation about Alena still came.

      “Tell me, do you have any idea what will be your wedding?”, – asked Andrey Malakhov Nikita Presnyakov. “Yes, I imagine it will be like this, like this, well, will,” he tried to laugh it off a musician. “Alena is a wonderful girl, joined the conversation Vladimir Presnyakov. – Gentle, caring, clean. We all like it very much”.

      However, Vladimir Presnyakov has long endorsed the choice of his son and hopes that their relationship with the young beauty becomes a very strong Union. Nikita at the beginning of the novel Alena Krasnova presented the darling of his parents, and they were enchanted by the fragile young creature. Alain younger lover of six years – the girl in March was 19 years old, Nikita will be 25 in may, at the beginning of the relationship with his grandson Divas she was still in high school.

      We will remind, Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova first public outing as a couple at the festival “New wave” in Sochi. Beloved did not hide his feelings and every minute spent together. Presnyakov-younger has declared that he is undecided. Despite his dislike of social events, Alan is trying wherever possible to accompany Nikita, so that young people are virtually inseparable.

      Nikita is not tired to declare his love to the girl in the microblog. Before the new year lovers have arranged a romantic photo shoot. Presnyakov has published some pictures with very explicit signatures. “This Christmas photo shoot with the person who means everything to me in this world,” said the young musician.

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