Никита Пресняков сделал предложение Алене Красновой The musician said this moment one of the most important in life. Nikita Presnyakov gave his beloved a ring in the presence of her friends. It all happened in the birthday girl in a very romantic atmosphere.

      It seems that very soon in one of the most famous star families, the country will happen very beautiful and important event. The intention to marry was declared by the grandson of Alla Pugacheva, musician Nikita Presnyakov. Nikita Presnyakov hinted at impending wedding with the chosen one

      According to the publication of his the young man, it can be concluded that he made a proposal of marriage to his sweetheart Alena Krasnova. Nikita Presnyakov was chosen for this touching moment is very appropriate. It all happened during the celebration of the birthday of Alena is the girl on March 8 turned 20 years old. In the picture, depicting a couple kissing, it is clear that in hand Nikita holding a box, which probably is a ring intended for his girlfriend. Holiday guests are happy around Alena and Nikita, and shoot everything on video.

      In comments to the post grandson of Alla Pugacheva focuses on the fact that this evening was one of the most important events in his life.

      “Happy belated birthday (March 8), my love! PS Soon my first episode vloga, and the second issue was one of the most important moments in my life,” wrote Nikita Presnyakov.

      Subscribers Nikita Presnyakov immediately realized what was going on and began to congratulate the couple on the upcoming nuptials. “You’re getting married? Well Done, Nikitos!”, “Wow! Cool! Congratulations!”, “I’m very happy for you! Like frame, What you pleasant, good, I envy your girlfriend!”, “Very beautiful couple happiness and love!”, “Wonderful deserving couple,” “We love you, take care of each other”, “That was awesome!” – written by fans and friends of Nikita Presnyakov.

      Recall that the Roman musician and his young lady Alena has lasted almost three years. Nikita at the very beginning of the relationship introduced her to his parents, and they were just fascinated by the fragile young creature. Alain younger lover of six years – the girl had just turned 20 years old, Nikita is in may 26, the grandson of the prima Donna she was still in school.

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      As a couple, Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov was first published at the festival “New wave” in Sochi in October 2015. Beloved did not hide his feelings every minute spent together.