Nikita Presnyakov is ready to have a child

Никита Пресняков готов к рождению ребенка
Grandson of Alla Pugacheva confessed to the father that wants the son.

Никита Пресняков готов к рождению ребенка

Vladimir Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

Nikita Presnyakov — one of the most closed young musicians in
show business. He believes that the personal life of an artist — mystery
seals. However, at the program,
dedicated to his father Vladimir Presnyakov, he admitted that he has long been dreaming of

“When Jake first picked up my brother, the Subject, long on
he watched and then said, “That would be the same give birth to” — says Vladimir Presnakov. The same
small, red-haired, very similar to us with the Nikita”. Himself Nikita smiled in answer to these words,
but that smile, it was clear that the son Orbakajte and Presnyakov dreams
the birth of a son.

Vladimir Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

In the same program, Nikita admitted that thinking about a wedding and
perfect is what it will be. “Alena is a wonderful girl, — says Vladimir Presnyakov. — Gentle, caring, clean. We all she is very

We will remind, Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova meet already
for a few years. The whole family Nikita already
approved the selection and we are sure that not far off a beautiful wedding, and then children.
Alain younger lover of six years — the girl in March was 19 years old,
Nikita will be 25 in may. By the way, when the son Orbakajte and Penacova started Dating Alena,
she studied in school.

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