Nikita Presnyakov hinted at impending wedding with islandica

Никита Пресняков намекнул на скорую свадьбу с избанницей The musician admitted that the role of the life partner is with us Alain. The couple meets are already long enough, so soon Nikita and Alena are planning to take things to the next level.

      The lead singer of the Multiverse Nikita Presnyakov has several years of living separately from their parents and engaged in creative work. According to the young man, he has a lot of plans for the future, he wants to gradually implement. Representative of the star family meets a young model Alena Krasnova. Fans of Nikita has repeatedly said that he was very lucky with the girl. The choice of the rocker are familiar with all the members of his family.

      “I have two main goals. First, the music, the band’s development. And if I knew that now it would be like to develop, you would start music career much earlier. Second, to build a relationship with my girlfriend Alena. We need to understand what will happen 10 years from now, where and how we live. Now we are intensively thinking about it,” said Nikita.

      Last week Presnyakov and Krasnov noted the Valentine’s holiday dinner in a Moscow restaurant on the 62nd floor. The pair looks very harmonious together. They started Dating in June 2014. Alena’s several years younger than Nikita. As a girl, their acquaintance took place in the country.

      Nikita does not mind that his life followed several thousand users in a social network. He was used to any people’s reactions to your posts, but sometimes comments followers still make him indignant. “People are often surprised that many subscribe to me, being far away from the biker lifestyle, and begin to discuss why I, for one, has made another tattoo, why sometimes in our video, there is profanity and so on. I want to ask: “Why did you subscribe?” noted Presnyakov.

      As recognized Nikita, he likes to live in the States, as there is no one believes his star offspring. According to the guy, in Russia, many people often negatively evaluate it in advance. “I became kind of a victim of stereotypes, and in America in this plan is much simpler – there is no put a label”, explained Presnyakov in an interview