Nikita Presnyakov criticized the music of Olga Buzova

Никита Пресняков раскритиковал музыку Ольги Бузовой The soloist of the alternative rock band Multiverse spoke about the work of the artist. During the live broadcast on the social network Nikita Presnyakov has explained how he perceives the song of the presenter.
Никита Пресняков раскритиковал музыку Ольги Бузовой
Никита Пресняков раскритиковал музыку Ольги Бузовой

The leader of the rock band Multiverse Nikita Presnyakov often communicates with fans on social networks. Fans ask the actor about his musical tastes, as well as interested in guy’s opinion about contemporary artists or songs.

During one of the live broadcasts in the “Instagrame” the young man asked about the work of Olga Buzova, which is going to give a Grand recital in Moscow in the autumn of this year, and then to go on tour on cities of Russia. Fans disseminated by the Presnyakov response over the Network. Nikita was very correct in his statement.

“I have no words. I don’t want to hurt this person, maybe she’s a good person, but you can’t do that. With the music now anyway, so why even pouring the vodka into the fire?” – said the musician.

Many followers supported his point of view. They praise the rocker, noting that he has a great voice. “Great, Jake! Nice to see you, smart, humble and talented!”, “I want to say, accidentally watched live with you, and was surprised to the limit! What you sincere, simple, affordable, cute, talented, wise and intelligent man! It is evident that the laborer is incredible!” – shared their views subscribers under one of the last entries of the musician.

Olga Buzova will never pay attention to criticism from other representatives of show business. The girl is confident to set goals. The last few days the artist spent in the United States, shooting a new video.

“My only precious holiday this year I spent to shoot the video for my new song. Fortunately, I was able to relax a bit,” – said Olga fans, laying out solar frame.

Apparently, in the new video a star will appear in a sexy manner and will demonstrate the advantages of a slender figure. Team Buzova worked in the California desert in severe weather conditions. As noted by the artist herself, the wind constantly damaged packing, and in the evening very cold, so she had to warm up with the blanket. “For the sake of creativity and for the sake of you every time amaze, I’m ready for anything,” wrote Olga in the microblog. Details of the new clip, the star keeps a secret.