Никита Пресняков и Алена Краснова подали заявление в ЗАГС
The long-awaited wedding will take place July 27.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova bride are one
one step closer to changing the status in their relationship by submitting an application to the Registrar. About
it reported the Internet-the edition starhit.ru. 26-year-old musician and his lover applied for last week. The wedding will take place exactly on July 27.

Star fiance told me that now they Alena devote a lot of time training
celebration. In doing so, they help parents and professional wedding Agency.

“I’m not an expert in conducting
weddings — any children not yet married — told Kristina Orbakaite. — I
expert for performance at weddings. I can promise that it will perform and Nikita.
The celebration is scheduled for the end of July!”

While Orbakaite said that, essentially, it will help the bride and
the bride is not so necessary: Nikita and 20-year-old Alena doing a great job
by planning important events. They decided that their wedding will be a kind of
a mix of rock and femininity. It fully reflects the relationship of the couple. Christina is not
worried about how the party goes. She trusts the taste of the son, and sure
children will cope without her help.