Никита Панфилов женился в третий раз!
Star of TV series “Major” and “Sweet life” hidden from the fans for my wedding.

actor Nikita Panfilov and his wife

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

In life
Nikita Panfilov, who became a superstar after roles in the TV series “Major” and “Sweet
life”, there was a tremendous change.
The actor who often played movie villains in life was the
romantic man in the world. “When you realize that looking for your favorite
person only your whole life!..” — said Nikita about the spectacular graduate
St. Petersburg medical University Ksenia Sokolova, which happens to be recently
became his lawful wife. Now she also bears the name of Panfilov.

intrigued followers of his microblog, by publishing a joint with Ksenia
a photo taken during a wedding celebration. He fleshed it out with hashtags
traditional for newlyweds, but it turned out that together with his beloved they visited
in Minsk at the wedding of friends, and their private ceremony was held a month earlier.

Panfilova did not advertise a happy event, and this is Nikita, for
which is the third marriage, talked in an interview about how
circles of hell he went through during her divorce from previous wife…
the actor believes that love is not worth shouting to the whole world.

With the second
wife Lada, which he now speaks, Panfilov divorced in 2015,
couples has a teenage son Dobrynya. It is known that she was terribly jealous of him sometimes
crazy form — Nikita to his fans and did not want to accept the fact that her husband
located in the centre of female attention. This behavior led to the Frets
the endless scandals in the family and even public harassment Panfilov in the Network. By the way,
it was there that Nikita met his future wife Ksenia. It is non-public
the man graduated from medical school, although after meeting with Panfilov once
appeared in a cameo role in the TV series “Revenge”.

the couple got a dog: Nikita gave Xenia a puppy Staffordshire
Terrier, of which she had dreamed. The dog was given the nickname Thea.