Никита Панфилов избил преступника The actor threw the man on the hood of the car through the windshield. Therefore, Panfilov decided to detain the offender. The actor posted the video in his microblog.

Publication of Nikita Panfilov (@panfilov_nikita) May 10, 2018 12:33 PDT

In the microblog Nikita Panfilov appeared a video in which he lashed out with his fists at the man. He grabs the opponent’s collar upper garment and threw it on the hood of the car through the windshield. In the post he explained that thus detained the criminal. “The car is, the offender is handcuffed forgot, had to release”, signed video Panfilov.

It turned out that the video was filmed while working on the fourth part of the film “the Dog”, where Nikita plays a major Maxim Maximov, who successfully reveals many of the crimes. In the story, his character was able to beat alcoholism and get back to work after setbacks in his personal life and the betrayal of friends.

The Panfilov now happily married with Ksenia Sokolova, who is much younger than him. Ex-wife Lada Nikita had a very strained relationship. She did not give him to communicate with his son Dobrynya. The initiator of the divorce was made by Lada, but with time Panfilov was able to forgive the betrayal of his wife. As recognized actor, recently he was able to communicate with his son.

“As we meet Dobrynya just amazes me that he is changing very quickly. My baby is slowly becoming a man. Already seen, as it divides others of his children at the boys and girls. Boy he’s got to win, and the girls he likes to her hair, the door of each opens a hand. It is specifically taught that no one, he somehow makes everything is intuitive. I was the same in childhood – often in love, and all: smile, dress, gait, manner of speech. I wanted to get married at the age of three” – shared Nikita.