Никита Михалков загремел в больницу The Director arrived In Nizhny Novgorod as a confidant of Vladimir Putin as candidate for President of Russia. Before going to a political debate Nikita slipped and fell. Mikhalkov was immediately taken to the clinic.
Никита Михалков загремел в больницу

Nikita Mikhalkov has arrived in Nizhny Novograd with a serious and important mission. The Director is a confidant of Vladimir Putin – the candidate for the post of President of Russia. In the morning, the artist held a series of debates in the regional television station, first in the Studio “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio. After that, people’s artist of the RSFSR went to the local campaign headquarters of the candidate to meet with volunteers.

Reporters found that, before the trip to debate with Nikita Mikhalkov there was an unpleasant incident. In the headquarters he had arrived with a brace on his neck and on his head was a bandage. Mikhalkov has told about that in the morning he slipped and fell awkwardly.

“I fell when I got out of the car on arrival in Nizhniy Novgorod. It was very slippery. Made the dressing, put a plaster on the back of the head, MRI was done to avoid hematoma… I hit your head pretty hard,” – said Nikita Mikhalkov.

The Director noted that already feels good. It is worth noting that Nikita is famous for its good health, as reported by his personal physician, Mikhalkov even an easy cold sore rarely. Every morning, 7 days a week, the artist spends a couple of hours to configure itself to working day. Does stretching of the muscles and ligaments light exercises. As recognized by Dr. Nikita depends on my mood.

“My main goal is to force him not to think about unpleasant things – the upcoming difficult meetings, press conferences, negotiations,” said the medic. Also Mikhalkov is fasting. At this time, the Director refuses any food of animal origin. Nikita even trips eating in restaurants rice and lots of green salads – cabbage, carrot, may also afford a potatoes. In his youth, the Director was Smoking, but the army got rid of bad habits.

According to the materials of the “Nizhniy Novgorod”, “dailyshow.ru”.