Никита Михалков попал в эпицентр судебного скандала
The Director filed a lawsuit against the man that owed him 30 million.

Photo: Starface.ru

Nikita Mikhalkov is trying to sue belonging to him the money that he lent to his friend the merchant in the summer of 2016. Friend the eminent Director was in a difficult financial situation, out of which he was helped by Khrushchev himself. He lent him a sum of money at interest. A friend had to return to the Director the entire amount within five months. At the appointed time that did not happen, and the debtor corny was “stalling”.

A deal and a half years ago was carried out formally through a notary. It helped Mikhalkov today to formally file a lawsuit.

“The plaintiff Mikhalkov asks to collect the debt from the defendant under two contracts of loan, interest for the use of funds, penalties for a total amount of 30 million rubles”, — told “MK” the press-Secretary of the Izmailovsky district court of Moscow Darya Kryzhanovskaya.