Никита Михалков вляпался в скандал из-за долгов затя
For anybody not a secret that the Director Nikita Mikhalkov is a successful businessman.

Никита Михалков вляпался в скандал из-за долгов затя

However, things don’t always go well, but Nikita Sergeyevich long ago to protect themselves from total financial collapse.

A few years ago, the office of bailiffs across Chelyabinsk region seized production and raw materials of the company “ChelProm diamond”. This firm is engaged in processing of diamonds, and film Director Nikita Mikhalkov – one of its co-owners with a 10% stake, and another 10% belong to his son-in-law and husband of Anna Mikhalkova albert Bakova.

Then, the founders of this company owed the Bank 134 million rubles of the loan, and the Director of the plant just up and disappeared.

Никита Михалков вляпался в скандал из-за долгов затя

But under the control of the family Mikhalkov was still the concern “tractor plants” albert Tanks where he held the position of first Vice President.

So now, burned and this case, and Tanks declared bankrupt, as the company is unable to repay the loan is 78 million rubles.

Probably, Nikita Sergeevich’s not very nice, that case-law does not bring the expected profit, but it does not upset. Mikhalkov has the wine business in Tuscany, but the wines are named after his films “12” and “black Eyes”. In addition, the Director serves on the Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie and owns the group “Trite”. But most importantly, Mikhalkov is the Director of the Russian Union of rights holders, which manufacturers and importers of audio and video equipment annually pay 1% of turnover. So, this is the only “Mikhalkov tax” would Nikita Sergeyevich comfortable existence.