Nikita Efremov attributed to a secret relationship with a young singer

Никите Ефремову приписали тайную связь с молодой певицей The actor attended the premiere of the new film Rezo Gigineishvili, along with the 26-year-old singer Alexandra fried. Young people and provoked rumors about a possible affair. The artists themselves are in no hurry to comment on the speculation of the public.
Никите Ефремову приписали тайную связь с молодой певицей

After the triumph of the picture Rezo Gigineishvili “Hostages” at “Kinotavr” it was a private screening in Moscow. The event, organized by the club “418” hope of Obolentseva gathered Olga Orlova, Alice Khazanov, Vladimir Pozner, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Svetlana Bondarchuk and many others. By the way, some of the guests saw a film not for the first time.

Watch one of the most talked-about films of the past at the Sochi film festival has also decided 29-year-old son of Michael Efremova Nikita. The artist appeared in the light of not one, but in the company of 26-year-old beauty. She was a jazz singer Alexander fried. The young people all night did not depart from each other, than has provoked rumors about a possible affair.

Nikita and Alexander is in no hurry to announce to the public about their relationship. On the pages of prospective lovers on social media no joint photos, so fans of Ephraim can only guess about how true the rumors about his passion promising performer. It is possible that a few days ago, the young people went together to Georgia in their microblogs appeared almost simultaneously images with the corresponding geotag.

By the way, a year ago, Nikita Efremov noted in the company’s 18-year-old Alexandra, daughter of businessman Michael Manovich and socialite Svetlana Zakharova. Initially, the actor was trying not to show his passion for the young heir to the famous names, however, attentive fans of Nikita noticed that he often puts in Snapchat collaboration video with her. After some time, manovich and Efremov for the first time was published – a couple noticed on the occasion of birthday of the artist Anki, Akhalaia.

We also add that a couple of years ago Nikita Efremov was separated from his wife Yana Gladkikh. The artists broke up a year later after the wedding ceremony, held in Georgia. The wedding was attended by only relatives of the couple, including the father of actor Mikhail Efremov. “In order not to carry to Moscow pile of suitcases, the couple immediately asked to give them gifts just in envelopes”, – said “StarHit” one of the friends of Nikita. After the lovers legalized relationships in one of the salons of Tbilisi, they went to celebrate an important event in a local hotel. The gala dinner ended with a dance performed by the guests of the evening.