Никиту Джигурду уличили в наглом обмане с наследством Браташ Earlier it was reported that a court in the United States satisfied the requirements of the actor. However, the sister of the late businesswoman denied the allegations Nikita Dzhigurda, confirmed that the issue will still not solved.
Никиту Джигурду уличили в наглом обмане с наследством Браташ

Nikita Dzhigurda for more than a month of struggles for the inheritance of his deceased friend Ludmila Bratash. We are talking about several millions, and the artist is sure that is the only legitimate contender for the condition. However, sister businesswoman disagree with this, and intends to fight for a decent amount.

Recently, it was reported that the claims of Nikita Dzhigurda was still satisfied. Supposedly the court in the United States accepted his statement, and the man already came into the rights of inheritance. However, sister Ludmila Bratash flatly denies such speculation.

“Out of the chair from time to time in the reports networks that it has won a court case in Moscow on the case of my sister, but it’s a bluff. And the fact that he had inherited my sister in America – another nonsense. I, as heir according to the law, about it knew”, – said Svetlana Romanova.

The man himself is confident that sooner or later justice will prevail, and the amount of money in the end will get him. He tries to attend all the court hearings, but the proceedings have a negative impact on the health of Nikita. Earlier on pointed out that due to regular stress, he started having heart problems.

Dzhigurda lives in two countries, because his wife Marina Anisina almost all his time in France. By the way, the lawyer of sportswomen confirmed that information about the inheritance is only a “duck”.

“These facts are not true. We have court appointed on the seventh of may in Moscow city court. Personally, I have no doubts about the legitimacy of the will. But the fact that the chair has already received part of the inheritance, and even thought he bought – this, of course not. No court in America was not. The chair – man of outrageous, known, it many people want to make a PR”, – said the lawyer Anisina Oksana Filcheva.

Recall that the dispute over the estate of Ludmila Bratash continues in 2016. The army claims that the businesswoman had left all the fortune his family. However, the sister of the deceased questioned the legitimacy of the will, and therefore continues the proceedings concerning the sums of money.

According to “KP”, Svetlana Romanova intends to continue the struggle for the inheritance. The parties have repeatedly accused each other of involvement in the mysterious death Bratash, but it did not help conduct the trial. Fans Dzhigurda hope that in the near future protracted conflict will be resolved.