Nikita Dzhigurda stood up for Andrei Panin

Никита Джигурда вступился за Андрея Панина The actor has supported the colleague. Nikita Dzhigurda left the post in the social network, which explained that Panin was the victim of journalists that circulated about him about the facts. Alex thanked the man for his words.
Никита Джигурда вступился за Андрея Панина
Никита Джигурда вступился за Андрея Панина

Before Alexei Panin held a press conference with journalists. The actor appeared before the media together with the daughter of the NUS. Movie star and its successor openly answered all the questions that so troubled many correspondents. The artist explained that provocative videos with his participation, which spread in the Network, was filmed a long time ago. He doesn’t know how these videos hit the Internet.

Besides, Alex remembered that once after an interview to one of editions was stripped of his role in the film. A celebrity suggested that the Director didn’t like his conversation with the press. Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

After the speech, publication excitedly began to quote a fiery speech the actor and the words of his daughter of nyusi about the conflict with the mother. Seeing what impact the acquired situation, Nikita Dzhigurda decided to support a colleague. The actor has published in Instagram post in which he urged to remove the “hands-off” from colleagues. Panin thanked the artist.

“Thank you! I knew you from me will not turn away,” wrote Alex in the comments.

Recently, the Network appeared the statement, in which users called on the relevant authorities to deprive the artist of their parental rights. Panin one is engaged in education of the daughter of Ani, which was taken away from St. Petersburg, because the girl’s mother Julia Udintsev poorly behaved and abused alcohol. The heiress actor admits that with dad, life is much better. “I saw my mother in early may, and yet to see her not very desirable. Because she is constantly pushing me, constantly asking the answer,” said Anya.

Later on the personal page Panina appeared information about the fact that his daughter met with Nikita Dzhigurda. The movie star was handed the heir Alexei chocolate and rolled arms.

By the way, before Nikita Dzhigurda, who accused the media of lying, staged a press conference in this place, during which he showed reporters documents showing that his family are the only heirs of the state of the godmother Ludmila Bratash, who died under unforeseen circumstances. In his speech, the actor has denied the information that the journalists are spreading. Speech Dzhigurda has attracted worldwide attention because it hinted about the new addition to the family. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina called the date of the birth of his son