Nikita Dzhigurda staged a mystery in the eyes of children

Никита Джигурда устроил мистерию на глазах у детей The actor and his successors had fun in France. On the eve of Nikita Dzhigurda is 56 years old. The movie star went abroad, to this day next to him was a son and a daughter. The family organized a Rockin ‘ party.

      A few days ago Nikita Dzhigurda flew to France. His ex-wife Marina Anisina allowed the actor to see his son and daughter, Mika-Angeles-Krist and Eva-Vlada. According to star cinema, he did not meet with the children for about six months. On the eve of the chair has arranged a celebration with the participation of the heirs.

      Nikita Dzhigurda for the first six months saw the kids

      In the video, shared Nikita in the social network, you can see that the table is decorated in typical actor style. On several pedestals adorn skulls, Buddha statues and other magical attributes. Mika-angel-Krist and Eva-Vlad sing a traditional song “Happy Birthday”, which end with a phrase in French, “dear dad.”

      “Mother has captured the city of witches – Lyon, we with our gods without it lit, preparing for mother’s cosmic throne, with the International theatre day, the whole world congratulated!” – wrote in the microblog artist.

      Despite the fact that Marina Anisina those, wasn’t there an actor at this point, the woman has not forgotten about his holiday. She left a touching message on a page, stars in the social network.

      “My sweet and tender beast, my ex-husband, happy birthday to you! Sorry not with you, I know that the children have fun with you,” said the skater.

      Fans of the actor joined the congratulations and wished him strength and patience. Most followers of movie stars admired the grown heirs Anisina and Dzhigurda. “Your kids is the charm, take care of them”, “Talent… Not everyone can! Bravo!”, “Genes, one can see creative kids”, “What a wonderful, lively! Especially the daughter, what a resounding voice!” wrote fans of the actor.

      Recall that Nikita was very happy when ex-wife allowed him to spend a few days with her son and daughter. The man admitted to “StarHit” that he had a special relationship with the mother of his heirs. “I love Anisina not tikovoi, szukalski love, as well as, alas, few can accommodate, without higher special education in the field of philosophy, esoteric psychology, or of not having an open, forgiving even enemies of the heart. I am a happy boy, because I know exactly what the love of a great woman, mother of my divine children, – a unique Russian Jewish – Marina Anisina those, Dornbaum!” – told Dzhigurda.