Никита Джигурда показал подросшую дочь
The flamboyant actor dreams of reunification with the family.

Daughter Nikita Dzhigurda Eva-Vlad

Photo: @instadzhigurda/Instagram

Looks like Nikita Dzhigurda and he was tired
the endless scandals, which suits everywhere appears. For example, on the program
“Live” provoked to fight its host, Boris Korchevnikov, and Andrew
Malakhov after filming Morrice thinking even sanctify the Studio. Recall
in both editions of the actor in his style — loud, trying to shout over all, and
thing uttering magic spells is proved, that the deceased friend of the family and godmother of the children of the pair — millionaire Lyudmila Bratash — with
Marina left all his fortune. Story will cause many
questions, answers on which yet. Also Nikita everywhere declares that he intends
to return to ex-wife Marina Anisina, the divorce with which, according to him — it intrigues
enemies, headed by the lawyer figure skater Sergey Garinim. However, in the last
time the enemy the Army sees everywhere.

Divorce of the actor and figure skater
there was a loud. From Dzhigurda not without its shocking, Anisina same
distanced, authorizing to conduct the Affairs Sergei Gorino. About how children couples
Mick-Angela, Eva and Vlad, who now live with mom in France, worried
parents ‘ divorce, Zhorin said 7days.ru: “It’s sick for Marina theme. God forbid, will go to
Network and read, or worse will see what they do their daddy. Well, that they
now not in Russia, and in France, — we have even in kindergarten they teased.
Fortunately, they don’t know anything, Marina said, not even asking about the father.”

And here’s Nikita again surprised, he changed
tactics. Suddenly, instead of recordings, with their shocking antics, put in
his microblog photo 5-year-old daughter Eva-Vlad. Ocharovatelna girl in the picture in white long dress with bare shoulders,
the hairstyle which adorns the tiara, like a Princess. The father believes
the daughter of the Queen — so he calls Eva-Vlad, in his poem, which
devoted daughter. And in the text that are not in the Least, no
the curse words. Subscribers microblog, admiring Eva-Vlada encouraged
this step Dzhigurda, which for the first time in a long time waited kind words to your