Nikita Dzhigurda Marina Anisina the lost

Никита Джигурда потерял Марину Анисину
Skater suspect in connection with the famous chef.

Marina Anisina and Roman Ducasse

Photo: @instadzhigurda Instagram Nikita Dzhigurda

Family life Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those goes hand in hand with scandals and intrigue. Discussing the possible adultery of the famous figure skater: she was caught on a romantic dinner with Roman Ducasse. As fans suggest that, Marina had an affair with a Frenchman. “At the fashion show I met a very interesting and smart man. Professional. A wonderful cook! Sparkling affair Ducasse saw almost all of my ice dancing. It compliments French refined…” — told about a joint dinner in the Marina.

Dzhigurda, Nikita who recently publicly confessed to the senses, has responded to the rumors about the betrayal of his beloved quietly. He noted that he lost his faithful: Marina, who arrived recently in France, they have stopped communicating with him. But he did not doubt her loyalty. It is curious that not so long ago, Nikita and myself attributed the affair with the owner of the jewelry house Italian Donna the Moon.

“Although Marina the third day is not coming with me, I 100% believe in loyalty to my beloved woman, because he is loyal to her 1000%, avoiding (again) even thought to visit a strange temple mom — whether it’s Donna the Moon or other rich sexy lady!” — said Nikita. A little later he published a poem dedicated to the theme of loyalty Anisina those.

At the same time, fans are sure that this simple way the star couple is trying to divert public attention from high-profile cases on obtaining a multimillion-dollar inheritance Ludmila Bratash. Despite claims Dzhigurda and Anisina, the estate is still open. In the second half of October should pass a regular hearing on the recognition of the will Bratash valid.