Nikita Dzhigurda Marina Anisina accused of trying to poison him, and Sergei Gorina — in connection with the mafia

Никита Джигурда обвинил Марину Анисину в попытке его отравить, а Сергея Жорина — в связях с мафией

The other day accusing his wife Marina Anisina alcoholism Nikita Dzhigurda made a new sensational statement. Showman published a letter in which he told about their assumptions that Anisina under the guidance of her lawyer Sergei Gorina for a long time tried to poison him, adding to food any medications.

“Alas, I only later from Anoushka weeping penitent in that Zhorin threats forced her to pour me poison in food that makes me healthy as an ox boy, it was a stomach ulcer and painful shocks, which I a little oak is not embedded (as in the moment on the record),” — wrote Dzhigurda.

Nikita, by the way, I am sure that the very Anisina lawyer watered some substances. They say that because the Marina is so strange himself is: “Alas, I only recently learned that it is not from wine, but from the same psychotropic fluid that Marina poured (and Lyudmila Bratash) my one and only wedded WIFE and a great WOMAN, steel cases of aggressive attacks like this,captured on video case, after the show, the PERFUMER at the Luzhniki stadium, after the “celebration” premiere with her lawyer Sergey Garinim, who two years ago received from the mafia order to separate us, after stuffing through the media lies about what I allegedly accused the beloved virgin Mary of adultery with Gwendal Peizerat…”

From the words Dzhigurda it turns out that the fight he leads not with his wife Anisina those, namely her lawyer, which, according to Nikita for several years trying to separate them, and do it for a lot of money: “he insulted me, when the TV cameras saying that I am not worthy of Marina Anisina those and that, in his opinion, the Chair should be treated. Although, a couple of days before Court, in a lawyer’s office did not doubt my adequacy and mental health and offered me staying in France, the Anise, multi-million dollar contracts, I only agreed to the divorce… I rejected his cynical proposal, saying he needs to dispel the lie.”

For some time, while the couple lived in Europe, their relations improved. But soon after Anisina frequently visits to Moscow, began to be more strange things: “This video is still florets in comparison with what began to happen periodically. Now I have irrefutable evidence that this case is a group of senior officials — the powers that be… Me as if changed the WOMAN that I idolized. If not for the threat of murder of our little Gods, you would never have seen. And all because of the murder of Ludmila Bratash — our long-suffering, maligned godfathers”.