Никита Джигурда готовится завладеть многомиллионным наследством The actor and his wife was able to prove his innocence. The Moscow city court refused to admit the will, courtesy of Nikita Dzhigurda, invalid. Lawyers star couple celebrate their victory.
Никита Джигурда готовится завладеть многомиллионным наследством

Not the first year that Nikita Dzhigurda is a war for the inheritance Ludmila Bratash, which supposedly should belong to him. The man was given a will in which the owners of all property specified, only the members of his family. However, the sister of the deceased categorically didn’t agree with that. She believed the document was a fake.

Lawyer Sergei Voronov, protecting the interests of the star families, said that at a meeting of the Moscow city court, which took place on 7 may, was refused recognition of the will invalid. Previously, the Supreme court of America also pointed to the authenticity of the document.

“After the appeal court decision comes into legal force, and it is now possible to enter into the inheritance that Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina and started to do. If someone is unhappy, you may go to the European court, but the actions after the appeal had already been under way”, – said the lawyer.

According to the lawyer, in the United States are ready even now to give Dzhigurda and Anisina those, all of them relying on the law of inheritance. However, the protracted disputes were connected with the fact that the actor managed to lose the original document.

Sergei Voronov stressed that this annoying fact will not affect the victory of the artist in court. “If a person has lost the will, and if it is possible to obtain, by law, the duplicate, the person receives a duplicate. If someone does not believe the duplicate, he goes to court. In our case, the sister of the testator Romanov appealed to the court. The court admitted the document was genuine. I emphasize, the Supreme court of America decided that this will is real,” said the lawyer.

According to men, all further controversy over a multimillion-dollar state Bratash will be in vain. However, her sister Svetlana Romanova will try to delay the process of entry of the Dzhigurda in the rights of inheritance.

“Of course, Romanov may submit a new complaint to the court, but it is only a delay, not more. The Testament was not invalidated, and thus it is genuine. And it proved,” said the lawyer Anisina Oksana Filcheva.

Fans Dzhigurda was delighted by the news that a protracted legal conflict almost came to an end. The actor not only spent a lot of time on the proceedings, but sacrificed health for the sake of the inheritance. The last time he frequently complained about the feeling, and once even experienced a hypertensive crisis. Fans hope that now Nikita and Marina will be able to dispose of the funds received.

Dealing with “KP” lawyer Dzhigurda said that Bratash a property in Russia and the United States. The woman left the business, which also should go to the star pair.