Nikita Dzhigurda is credited with an affair with an Italian woman

Никите Джигурде приписывают роман с итальянкой The actor was seen in the company of a striking brunette. The other day Nikita Miller had some fun at a social event. He was accompanied by friend Donna Moon. They met on the set of the television program and since then, nearly inseparable.
Никите Джигурде приписывают роман с итальянкой

Some time ago Nikita Dzhigurda took part in the filming of the program dedicated to magic stones. As they say in the entourage of the actor, while the work on the program, he met a woman who calls herself Donna Moon. She works in the jewelry business and lives in Italy. Recently, however, a striking brunette it is increasingly in Russia. At one of the events organized in honor of the opening of the restaurant, Dzhigurda danced and hugged hot Donna moon. Besides, Nikita Miller did not exclude that they can begin the talk about his new romantic relationship.

In summer, the actor managed to make peace with Marina Anisina those. They spent a romantic vacation in France with their children. However, apparently, the former couple did not dare to resume a romantic relationship. The chair explains that he sees nothing wrong with flirting with other ladies.

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina staged erotic dances in public

“Anisina is my wedded wife. I live true to her soul. But on a physical level, we divorced at her request! So I dance, with whom you want. But if Anisina fall in love with another man, I it peacefully, without scandals released (10 years ago I have the same thing Marina said), because I love this unique woman’s divine love,” explained the chair on the personal page in a social network.

The journalists made contact with the former Director Nikita Ivanov, Antonina Savrasov. She says that Donna’s the Moon settled in the apartment where the actor lives. We will remind, the Moscow apartment Dzhigurda belongs on the documents Marina Anisina those.

“When I heard about the new Muse Nikita, Marina demanded free housing. Said it would be to take the square footage: you need money. Nikita simply has nowhere to live but his current enchantress – a woman wealthy, have property in Italy and Italian citizenship. So if it’ll fit in the street, that will remain. Designer from Italy is going to promote their jewelry line in Russia, and the chair she is likely to need in the PR purposes. A personal relationship will only add to the sensuality,” said the woman in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.