Nikita Dzhigurda intends to prosecute the Marina Anisina in France

Никита Джигурда намерен преследовать Марину Анисину во Франции The actor fell in love with the famous figure skater and promised to find her. Dzhigurda refused to come to the transfer with the participation of ex-wife, but sent her a bouquet of flowers and spoke about the imminent meeting. Anisina obviously did not expect such a situation.

      Никита Джигурда намерен преследовать Марину Анисину во Франции
      Никита Джигурда намерен преследовать Марину Анисину во Франции

      After the divorce Nikita Dzhigurda tries to reconcile with his wife Marina Anisina those. The creators of the program “live” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi given the opportunity known to the actor to record a video for the skater, in which he was able to Express all the feelings and invited him to his Studio, the man met with the ex-wife.

      Marina admitted that does not want to see her ex-husband. Before that, they met more than six months. Anisina lives in France together with the children, and the chair lives in her Moscow apartment.

      “I love you always and forever…don’t worry, girl, we’re gonna win, and I’ll finish off the mob. And prove that the chair – not crazy and not a drug addict. I’ll remind you, five years ago, I wrote that you are my only woman,” says Nikita.
      Никита Джигурда намерен преследовать Марину Анисину во Франции

      Marina claims not to believe the words of a former husband. The woman said that she was tired of Nikita. “Of course, he tells a touching and sincere, I love him as a father of our children,” – said the athlete.

      Some Studio guests felt that the divorce Anisina and Dzhigurda was organized only in order to divert attention from probate Ludmila Bratash. The scandal arose because of the will of the deceased friend of the actor. The sister of a woman fighting for millions and an apartment with a family of Nikita.

      Senior program promised the appearance of the artist in the Studio. According to Korchevnikov Dzhigurda wanted to talk to his ex-wife and give her gifts. In the video a famous actor hinted that he moved to Hollywood, where he plans to star in erotic films. He called ex-wife “a miracle”.

      “I want you to be happy that you met a man who will love you,” said Dzhigurda.

      During the transfer Marina explained to the audience that she was aware the last months of the life of Lyudmila Bratash. Nevertheless, the figure skater was visibly nervous as she had been promised a meeting with her husband.

      However, at the end of the program, Nikita did not appear. Marina believes that the ex-husband loves her, but his actions don’t say it.

      “You are my last woman, Anise. I give you my heart, it will always be filled. I apologize to you, my girl, what has brought you so much pain. I will always love you and remember all the happiness and wonder you gave me. Regret not met. But in France, in France, I’ll do it!” said Dzhigurda

      In his Instagram he announced the release of a program called ex-wife a goddess. Netizens supported the artist.