Nikita Dzhigurda intends to open a spiritual center in Greece

Никита Джигурда намерен открыть духовный центр в Греции

Winning the court of first instance about the legacy of Lyudmila Bratash, shocking actor Nikita Dzhigurda knows how to spend a huge part of the state: the actor intends to open a spiritual center in Greece. The celebrity said in a recent interview.

According to Nikita, the building is already constructed, remained “to redeem a few areas to make repairs”
“I have it in jest and in earnest called “Shambala” – if you write vertically, you get an acrostic: “the School of the art workmanship of the deity absolute love, Amen.” In my Shambhala will be synthesized religion, science, art, there will be professional teachers and conducted the most serious of the operation – down to heart,” said Dzhigurda.
According to the artist, now he is in talks with Russian specialists, as this center will also be a school for spiritual education based on the scientific discoveries of recent years.
The main objective of this center is “creating “Information-energy” portal between the living and dead people.” The chair promises that everyone after special training will be able to get in touch with the deceased and thus supposedly prove human immortality.
In the center is also the application of skills and Marina Anisina those. She will lead the “sport”, and he personally will be acting teacher and esotericism, which considers itself the AC.
In honor of Lyudmila Bratash, which left an untold wealth to their friends, Nikita undertook to create their own festival called the “angel Lucy”, which would Eclipse the “Kinotavr”.
“It will include not only movie and song branch, but it will be the center for the study of psychoanalysis, esoteric psychology, Freud, Jung, Tibetan masters, scientific achievements and will be taught through lectures and trainings wishing for the sole purpose of awakening in man those hidden energy reserves, which are called divine. One of the areas of the festival will be spiriticheskij sessions with psychics and wizards” promised Nikita.
The rest of the funds will go to education godchildren Ludmila – children Nikita and Marina. According to the artist, to share with the rest of the godchildren and sister of the deceased, he did not intend, because the deceased had all of them properly to help during his lifetime.