Nikita Dzhigurda intends to contest the divorce with Marina Anisina those

Никита Джигурда намерен оспорить развод с Мариной Анисиной The actor claims that his wife was intimidated. Nikita Dzhigurda wants to appeal the decision and says that he will love the mother of his children until the end of days. The actor blames the wife of the lawyer Sergei Gorina.

      Actor Nikita Dzhigurda decided to return to his wife Marina Anisina. The court terminated the marriage of the artist and figure skater November 29. According to the lawyer of the sportswoman Sergey Gorina, she was not present at the meeting, as was at that time in Paris. Some time later the chair began to assert that remains with Anisina those in intimate relationships, and her desire to get a divorce explains the fact that his wife was influenced by his legal representative.

      Nikita photographed all the documents and filed an appeal with the court in which he requests to cancel the previous decision. The actor is actively sharing pictures in the Internet.

      “The divorce was supposed to be quiet and peaceful! Anisina knew about my Holy Roman Bratash with! If not Zhorin, I wouldn’t be crazy! I assure you!” – this post left Nikita in their social networks.

      In the microblog Dzhigurda posted a document in which he hand-wrote their claims, putting that disagrees with the decision Anisina divorce. “I was not present in open court due to illness (hypertensive crisis). At the preliminary meeting, I was asked to give three month delay for reconciliation of our family,” explained the chair.

      At the end of the document, the actor said that Zhorin convinced Anisina allegiance to her decision on divorce. “Marie is my wife until the end of the days of Genesis” – Nikita signed in a social network post with a photo of his petitions.

      We will remind that Sergey Zhorin not at all surprised that the army behaves in that way. In an interview with “StarHit” the lawyer argued that, in his opinion, the artist is not okay with the psyche, it has suffered due to the use of prohibited substances. “People are sick and need him just to help”, – said the representative of the law.

      By the way, Marina Anisina also argued that sometimes we are afraid to be next to her husband. “In Moscow running around with a knife, waving in front of my eyes. I was really scared. Although he shouted: “don’t worry, Nikita. If I stab someone, stab yourself,” recalled the woman in one of the television. Marina Anisina revealed the truth about the divorce