Никиту Джигурду сразил гипертонический криз From showman to serious health problems. However, the army continues to fight in court, trying to prove his innocence in the case of the inheritance of deceased businesswoman Ludmila Bratash. On Wednesday was held a regular meeting, but it was postponed at the request of the artist.

Wednesday, December 20, in Kuntsevsky court of Moscow was held a session of the court which was going to consider the appeal of Nikita Dzhigurda in the case of the inheritance of his deceased friend Ludmila Bratash. The process lasts for more than a year.

Ahead of the meeting as Dzhigurda has deteriorated significantly. The actor said he was forced to take potent medications. At the moment the man, according to his own statement, was still experiencing health problems. According to Dzhigurda, he cannot recover. The flamboyant showman also said that is tired of all the meetings. According to Nikita, he was exhausted endless litigation, so the artist requires bed rest.

“I have night had a hypertensive crisis. The reference I gave. Pills, medications, my sausage,” he shared of the chair.

Due to the fact that a notorious artist wasn’t feeling well, he insisted on the postponement of the meeting. The judge went to meet Nikita and granted his request.

Meanwhile, the day before the visit to the court artist posted in Instagram advertising shop pens, done in his usual manner. “The quality guarantees of the chair” – was categorical Nikita. And it seemed that the outrageous showman does not experiencing health problems, so the news came as a surprise to his fans.

By the way, not so long ago the chair was back from the city of Bordeaux, located in the South-West of France. There live children and ex-wife of a celebrity, skater Marina Anisina. The heirs of the entertainer go to school close to home. Before the kids attended another school, but because of the incident that occurred at recess, Dzhigurda and Anisina, decided to translate them. According to Nikita, his son Mick-angel-Krist stood up for the girl, the result was a mass brawl. The baby’s mother was summoned to the Director.

Recall that in the autumn of this year, Nikita suffered a stroke. According to the artist, the attack happened because of the slander against him. In the Network appeared information about the fact that the chair is the representative of nonconventional sexual orientation. Soon after the star failed to recover.

The dispute between Morrice and relatives Ludmila Bratash arose from the struggle for its multi-million dollar inheritance. For a long time Nikita tries to prove that deceased friend bequeathed him a considerable fortune, however, sister businesswoman Svetlana Romanova is accusing the star of libel. “I have not instituted any criminal proceedings. During the six years of Romanov continues to call me a rapist of his sister, although it’s from the police statement Bratash, written with the life that I did not commit violent actions”, – quotes the artist “the Fifth channel”.