Nikita Dzhigurda has published a secret recording of the late Ludmila Bratash

Никита Джигурда обнародовал тайные записи покойной Людмилы Браташ The flamboyant actor continues his investigation into the death of a friend. Dzhigurda looks for evidence that the woman was murdered. In social networks, the artist shown on the records of godmother of his children, which shocked the public.

      Никита Джигурда обнародовал тайные записи покойной Людмилы Браташ

      Almost a year Nikita Dzhigurda is trying to learn how actually killed his girlfriend Ludmila Bratash. The artist believes that the woman was killed for money by her sister Svetlana and the driver Dmitry Kuronov. Some time after the death of the familiar stars became known that multi-million dollar fortune goes to Nikita Dzhigurda and his family, in particular children who are baptized Ludmila. The actor decided to prove who is to blame.

      In social networks the chair was placed a few documents that were written by hand Bratash. All paper dated February of last year. Ludmila pointed out in one of the texts that the driver Kuronov gave her pills, which made things bad. The woman had planned to make this statement to the police.

      Никита Джигурда обнародовал тайные записи покойной Людмилы Браташ

      Another document that showed the least, was a recording of his girlfriend that her Rob. The document she called the sister and the driver of the werewolves who want to kill her. The post the actor said quite sharply.

      “Stealing from the safe Bratash 1000000 euros, Kuronov mafia have dibs on the bribery of witnesses”, – said Nikita.

      Earlier Dzhigurda showed his followers the paper, written by Liudmila, so no one had any doubt that the handwriting belongs to her. According to the actor, the people that surrounded Bratash, specially fed her and gave alcohol are prohibited.

      “Relatives of Lucy buried her without telling anyone, with a fractured skull, impaled drugs and alcohol in the grave of the relatives of the driver Dmitry Kuranov. We know this from Germany, I 40 days personally read the burial service over her. On the 9th day, I know she forgave his murderers, but that’s a different story on the mystical-religious level,” said Dzhigurda. A show with the actor lawyer is trying representing the interests of the family of the artist, said that there is a struggle for much more than 800 million rubles, specified in the will.

      We will remind that Lyudmila Bratash stood at the head of the company’s private air transportation. She died on 15 February 2016. One of the causes of death of women called intoxication. Almost a year relatives of the deceased and Nikita Dzhigurda decide who will be her heir.