Nikita Dzhigurda has proved its loyalty to Marina Anisina those

Никита Джигурда доказал свою верность Марине Анисиной The showman continues to have feelings for the ex-spouse. Recently Nikita Dzhigurda staged a press conference at which he spoke about his relationship with close people. After a divorce, the artist communicates with the ex-wife and children in the online format.

      On Friday, April 7, scandalous showman Nikita Dzhigurda held a press conference during which he spoke about relationships with children and ex-wife Marina Anisina those. According to the man, he continues to communicate with loved ones living in France. “I adore that woman,” – these words of the chair described his relationship to the famous figure skater.

      Speaking to reporters, the actor said that it is still faithful to his former wife.

      “I can’t change Anisina those and she knows it. Her riveting evidence, talked about my orgies and so on, and she said, “Show video”. And when she gave information, and it became clear that it was a setup, she opened her eyes. I have created a myth for nine years, I have proved to the world that every woman is a goddess… But just don’t every say that. The first day I told her I was in love: “I want you to I gave birth the same green-eyed goddess,” shared the man.

      The showman added that he may flirt with other ladies, but his heart has only one woman. “I will not enter into the temple of another mother,” said the artist.

      According to Nikita Dzhigurda, he’s not using illegal drugs. “I had blood tests all clear. People ask me: “What are you fed?” I answer honestly: “have You ever were spiritually kamasutris Olympic Champions in figure skating?” I love women, adore, but when I met 10 years ago Anisina, I realized that I had met something else- looked at me with her green lanterns goddess Anise. I feed off from there, the temple mother, beloved woman,” added the actor.

      Speaking of happy moments with his ex-lover, the entertainer admitted that it is difficult to restrain emotions. He remembered how he delivered his wife in 2009. Then the light appeared charming boy named Mick-Angeles Krist.

      “Everything was covered with snow. We sat and bellowed, holding this angel. We called it Angeles. When I say I have a lump drove to my throat,” he shared of the chair.

      At the moment when the showman did not communicate with children and ex-wife, he regularly presented his meeting with loved ones. “I would hug her daughter and son, and Anisina… I say: “Nikita, you’re at least dreaming about something?” She told me: “never dream,” said Dzhigurda.

      In addition, Nikita Dzhigurda told about what his beloved children. “The boy goes to karate, ava plays tennis. Communicate every day,” shared the actor. Note also that recently he went to France to see heirs. Nikita Dzhigurda for the first six months saw the kids