Nikita Dzhigurda had an altercation with a brother live

Никита Джигурда поскандалил с братом в прямом эфире The actor was found with a relative and other loved ones of the people on the telecast. Dzhigurda came to the Studio and explained what was going on in my life at the moment. Nikita answered all the charges which were put forward by him.

      Никита Джигурда поскандалил с братом в прямом эфире

      About two months Nikita Dzhigurda was sitting in a Moscow apartment and not out on the street. In order to tell the whole truth about drugs and divorce with Marina Anisina those, the actor has decided to appear in the Studio “live”.

      From the first minute of the chair took place leading programs Boris Korchevnikov and began to accuse some of the participants of the previous broadcast, on his life, slander. According to Nikita, Marina was in collusion with his driver Evgeny Ilyin. She gave him the keys to the apartment, where he locked himself an artist. To Studio guests made sure that he is completely sober, actor took off sunglasses, which previously began his monologue. Driver Dzhigurda: “Nikita lives a woman”

      “I was cleared of all charges and suspicion of murder, rape, theft. Came to the court papers, where Lyudmila Bratash wrote on interrogations: “the chair is my Savior,” said Nikita.
      Никита Джигурда поскандалил с братом в прямом эфире

      To interrupt a passionate speech Dzhigurda where he accused the driver of treason, and ex-wife in cahoots, in the Studio, invited his brother Sergei, who spoke on the condition of the relative in the last broadcast. The man had to transcend themselves, to meet face to face with Nikita. The famous actor says that he did a lot for my brother: find a job, Sergei was introduced to his future wife, and he wouldn’t even shake his hand. This act aroused the indignation of Nikita.

      “Have you spoken to Marina, my wife, “Give him to the nuthouse! Call mom”. And she called my mom Jadwiga, and she said, “don’t listen to Sergey, he is jealous”. Think about your conscience,” said Nikita.
      Никита Джигурда поскандалил с братом в прямом эфире

      A relative claims that the actor you need medical help. “Yes brother there,” said Dzhigurda Sr., noting that Nikita has changed. Reservices, the artist began to shout and prove how he helped Sergei. “What I’ve done? Kneel! Forgive me, brother, if I ever hurt you,” said the actor. Judging by the reaction of Sergei, he has not been configured to engage in a debate with Nikita.

      The chair-the senior admitted that was the situation when he was approached Marina Anisina and asked for advice. The woman did not know how to behave in the moments when the husband is aggressive. According to relatives, she had been thinking about how to divorce an artist. In particular after the death of Lyudmila Bratash, as Sergey recalls, the chair was easy to abuse drugs and he had nose bleeding. At this point, Marina left Moscow apartment, with a mandate to look after all matters the driver Yevgeny Ilyin.