Nikita Dzhigurda grappled with his ex-wife in front of Marina Anisina those

Никита Джигурда сцепился с бывшей женой на глазах у Марины Анисиной The former couple met in the Studio “Let them talk”. For the first time in a long time Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda talking about divorce and other problems faced by their family. Also came to the Studio of Jan Pavelkovskaya, where he lived the artist a few years ago.
Никита Джигурда сцепился с бывшей женой на глазах у Марины Анисиной

At the moment Marina Anisina lives and works in France. The famous figure skater has arrived to Russia for the shooting of the program “Let them talk”. Attention guests in the Studio attracted Nikita Dzhigurda, who spoke about how faced with the negativity in his address during the divorce process.

Earlier, the actor was accused that he had used banned substances. In particular, Anisina has argued that the addiction of her husband forced her to go abroad with the children.

Appearing in the Studio, Nikita Miller showed the original documents that he is the heir to a multimillion-dollar state of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash. Besides, the artist said that because of persecution, which, in his opinion, gave detractors, his health deteriorated. The actor had a minor stroke. According to the chair, he is now recovered. Movie star specifically removed the sunglasses to show the experts the pupils of the eyes and prove that he no longer uses illegal drugs.

“We had a children summer in Greece. Then sent them to school. Call up on the phone in September. Then was thrown in a lie,” said Nikita Ivanov, remembering the last meeting with ex-wife.

Dzhigurda and Anisina celebrate getting a multimillion-dollar inheritance

Никита Джигурда сцепился с бывшей женой на глазах у Марины Анисиной

When Marina Anisina entered the Studio, Nikita picked up her in his arms. According to a skater, she really divorced actor. According to the athlete, their separation was also shrouded in slander of the spiteful critics. The star ice was against what her husband did drugs.

At the same time Anisina suggested to go Dzhigurda to live in France and to change citizenship, but he refused.

Nikita says that a huge role in their conflict played Antonina Savrasov, which was presented by its Director. The chair also does not believe in a new novel by Marina Anisina those. Recently discussed the relationship of a skater with a burning alien novel Ducasse. The ex-wife of actor justified the rumors.

“This is my buddy, he has a girlfriend. We meet to discuss projects. We got friendly,” said Nikita.

In the Studio also appeared ex-wife Nikita Dzhigurda, Jan Pavelkovskaya. Previously, she participated in the filming of one of the programs with Marina Anisina those, when a couple is in the middle of a divorce. The actor has a negative view of the emergence of ex-wife in the Studio. According to Jana, she does not consider herself a public person, who loves to pose in public. This phrase has caused a surge of emotion from the artist.

“That’s why you’re here? I have forbidden you to raise the issue with DNA analysis. I called you two years ago and asked not to lie,” said Dzhigurda.
Никита Джигурда сцепился с бывшей женой на глазах у Марины Анисиной

The situation escalated further when Marina mentioned that Ian held a ritual. According to Anisina those, Pavelkovskaya almost predicted the death of the Chair. “I was out. I immediately realized that there is nothing in conjunction will not work”, – said Nikita.

Nikita Miller called the action a ceremony at the guard.

“I called Anisina those and said, “kill Me, I can feel it. She said: “Ian called me on the rite”. She saved me,” said the actor.

The chair reported that the woman was unfaithful when I was married. According to him, he behaved decently, left her apartment and car and paid child support. The actor believes that his unjustly curse, and held this ritual.

Jan Pavelkovskaya tried to make excuses to. Some experts considered that she remembered about the alimony, as Nikita will soon have an impressive legacy. The former wife of the actor claims that after leaving him, devoted himself to helping women victims of violence.