Nikita Dzhigurda disgraced wife all over the country, saying that she’s an alcoholic

Никита Джигурда опозорил жену на всю страну, заявив, что она алкоголичка

Divorce Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda promises to be a very interesting event. While the lawyer figure skater accused the showman that he is illegally on the territory of Russia, the Union decided to act more radically and began publishing materials that defame the honor and dignity of his still legal wife.

Dzhigurda said that his wife is an alcoholic and has published proving this video.

In the video we do see drunk Anisina, but behind the scenes we hear the voice of her scandalous husband, to persuade her not to drink. What Marina says that “let go of my husband,” alluding to their divorce. By the way, Nikita says that it is drunkenness Anisina put an end to their happy Union, despite the fact that he still loves Marina.

Human rights activist athletes Sergei Zhorin sure that the chair waiting for the moment when his wife gets on something hot. The specific video Nikita caught the moment when the wife returned home after the Banquet on the occasion of the end of the show “Perfume” and decided to make a video.

“Out of the chair, using the fact that the Marina where something was said, turned on the camera and did such a provocation that Marina allegedly often drink alcohol. This is complete nonsense! […]Video originally they planned provocation, which can make any man if he’s a scoundrel, to a woman who trusts him, says the lawyer. Instead of releasing the Marina, instead of to thank her for those moments of happiness that she gave him, and for the children Dzhigurda starts a war of compromising, and apparently he was preparing for this for a long time”.