Nikita Dzhigurda commented on the possibility of their deportation

Никита Джигурда прокомментировал возможность своей депортации

Lawyer Marina Anisina those, Sergei Zhorin for the past few weeks blows the fight with Nikita Dzhigurda. Zhorin is a human rights activist athletes in the case of her divorce with the controversial showman. In war, as they say, all good. Sergey decided to act! The Ministry of internal Affairs po krasnogorskomu RAYONU (where the property is located showman) the lawyer made the statement in which has demanded to inspect the documents Dzhigurda authenticity, and also urges the police and migration service in the fact that in Russia Jonathan El-air Bratash g pogorzhelskiy background Gan Eden (the new name Digory) it is legal.

For violation of rules of migration registration of Nikita Dzhigurda can face a fine and expulsion from Russia.

The reason for the deportation Dzhigurda can also serve as a criticism of the current government of Russia, despite the fact that Nikita Ivanov is a citizen of Ukraine.

“Nikita Dzhigurda actively criticize the current government, while being a citizen of Ukraine. And says he wants to be a citizen of America. Nevertheless, he violates Russian law, namely the rules of migration registration. Based on this, I believe that the presence on the territory of Russia it is inexpedient,” — said the Zhorin.

On all charges Sergey Dzhigurda has already prepared the answer. As reported by the press of a showman, he failed to notify internal Affairs of the Krasnogorsk district of their arrival, as registered elsewhere.

“With my documents all in order. I have notified all who needed to be, but registered elsewhere. I stood on the account at the apartment of Marina, because she’s not, she hasn’t because she was intimidated. I came to Russia to attend the trial, which itself Zhorin and appointed, but after the beating I have high blood pressure and pre-stroke conditions, and I physically can’t leave. It’s all rigged Zhorin, because he staged a provocation at trial, and I did never touched. Because of him, I couldn’t fly to America, where he was to participate in the election campaign Hillary Clinton, and now must pay the penalty”.

I wonder what role was assigned the Chair in the election campaign Clinton?