Nikita Dzhigurda can expel

Никиту Джигурду могут выдворить из страны The lawyer wife of an eccentric showman said that the artist can violate the laws of the Russian Federation. Sergei Zhorin has addressed in police with the request to check the legality of stay on territory of the country. According to lawyer reports, Nikita is not registered at their place of residence. Himself out of the chair denies the accusations of the judge.

      The conflict between Nikita Dzhigurda and his wife’s lawyer Sergey Garinim continues. Not so long ago the actor attempted to attack the lawyer, who called the artist crazy and dangerous to society. The army in turn, said that the protection of Gorina beat him. And in this story there are new details – the judge learned that the eccentric showman violates the laws of the Russian Federation.

      Zhorin about the conflict Morrice: “If he used violence will be a response”

      The lawyer States that the chair, being a citizen of Ukraine, not registered at the place of stay within the statutory deadlines. According to the lawyer, Nikita illegal lives in the village Glukhovo Krasnogorsk.

      In fact, existing data on offense Dzhigurda Zhorin made application and filed it in UMVD po krasnogorskomu RAYONU. The lawyer asks the police to check whether the actor lives in the Moscow region on the lawful bases and to verify the authenticity of the documents stars. The judge also recalls that in the case of illegal residence Dzhigurda in Russia he faces a penalty of from five to seven thousand roubles and exclusion for limits of the country.

      Dzhigurda himself later said that he had all the right paperwork and he checked not in the Krasnogorsk district and elsewhere. Showman also called Gorina liar.

      We will remind that the court will consider the case Anisina and Dzhigurda 29 Nov. Insists on divorce, the wife of the showman, the Olympic champion in figure skating Marina Anisina. In a statement, the women said about the irreconcilable contradictions of her husband. In addition, Nikita claims that she and Dzhigurda different views on parenting, which is the cause of constant quarrels between couple. Marina’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin told the “StarHit” the fact that athlete and entertainer have been living apart – she in France and he in Moscow.

      Marina Anisina demands a divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda

      In early November, the global area number 100 of the Krasnogorsk district held a preliminary hearing on the case Anisina and Dzhigurda. Near the courthouse scuffle with the participation of the showman and the guards Sergei Gorina. At the hearing, the plaintiff’s attorney stated that the Marina still wants a divorce, and the dispute about children and property between her and her husband there.

      By the way, earlier Dzhigurda told reporters that he has a bride who’s into Kabbalah. According to Nikita, she lives in the States. Later, however, the showman refuted their words and said that he does not want to divorce Anisina those. Now fans are wondering what he said was the truth and what is lies. Commenting on the approval Dzhigurda about the new chosen one, Zhorin said that the presence of a celebrity in Russia is impractical. “It violates Russian law, namely the rules of migration registration,” – said the lawyer