Nikita Dzhigurda announced new details of the probate

Никита Джигурда сообщил новые подробности дела о наследстве The artist hopes that now everything will change dramatically. Nikita Dzhigurda said that his lawyer found evidence that there is a will, Ludmila Bratash, who died two years ago. Relatives of the businesswoman and the family entertainer is still store property disputes.
Никита Джигурда сообщил новые подробности дела о наследстве

Two years ago, a close friend of showman Nikita Dzhigurda Lyudmila Bratash, has died under mysterious circumstances. The artist believed that involved in this sister is the godmother of his son’s mother Svetlana Romanova. In his opinion, she could go on the offense for a fabulous inheritance. “I believe that Bratash killed the driver, who worked with her for 18 years. He really trusted, he had the keys to the safes. He had her tortured and tormented. When Marina saw her with bruises, but she never admitted that it makes the driver Dmitry. He poisoned her. Last year she struck out sister out of the will and did not want to see her. Now there is a consequence, because there is no direct evidence. The driver and sister are in her apartment, and they have the opportunity to cover their tracks”, – said Nikita “StarHit”.

After this began the conflict between the Morrice and Romanova. The showman assured that all inheritance Lyudmila left to his children, because they believed their family, and sister didn’t. The woman, in turn, argued that the will is a fake. Today on a press-conferences Nikita with her lawyers said the information that was previously unknown.

“Oksana Filcheva in four volumes, found the confirmation, which I claimed from the beginning. Launched fake that will no one has seen, will – fake, phony piece of paper, told Dzhigurda. – Found a copy of the original certified by a Moscow notary Cherniavsky, opened a probate case”.
Никита Джигурда сообщил новые подробности дела о наследстве

Nikita said that after they received confirmation of notary’s offices. As it turned out, the lawyers checked and made sure that no other documents, this paper is composed according to all rules.

While the chair did not report when he should come into the inheritance and refused to give an exact amount. His wife Marina Anisina, which is also present at the press conference, said Svetlana Romanova was always jealous of her successful sister, the businesswoman.

Recently it became known that relatives Bratash rent of housing for rent, although he had no right to do so. The police opened a case about the seizure of the inheritance of Nikita Dzhigurda

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