Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina called the date of the birth of his son

Никита Джигурда и Марина Анисина назвали дату рождения сына Celebrity announced when fans can expect the addition to their family. According to Nikita Dzhigurda, they will have a third child. Marina indirectly confirmed that the happy event will occur in six months.
Никита Джигурда и Марина Анисина назвали дату рождения сына

Today in Moscow held a press-conference with participation of Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those. Celebrities have restored relations in early may. Despite the fact that some time ago the court officially terminated their marriage, they are happy with each other. The famous figure skater told reporters that their family is being bullied, and she regularly received false information about the spouse, particularly about his infidelity and drug problems.

“We are really divorced, divorce is real. I hear all sorts of nasty things that all of this is not real, but our relationship became better after that. Human relationships do not depend on papers. Our children are happy that Nikita is coming and that we have a good relationship,” said Nikita.

Никита Джигурда и Марина Анисина назвали дату рождения сына

Two hours Nikita Borisovich managed to tell the guests about how many people have dismissed the rumours about him. According to the actor, since September, he does not use recreational drugs. The chair argues that detractors have set up Anisina against him, especially by spreading false information. Besides, the family of the actor was able to resolve all issues relating to wills Ludmila Bratash. He gathered all the papers, showing that his family become owners of the state, the amount of which is specified in the document. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina have decided the issue of inheritance Bratash

By the way, many questions were raised about the pregnancy Marina Anisina those. Fans suspect that the woman is in an interesting position, since she started wearing voluminous blouses and dresses that hide the waistline. The skater refuses to speak on the subject.

“After six months know,” said Marina.

Nikita Dzhigurda was more talkative. He revealed the gender and name of the unborn child. According to him, the third baby will be a boy. They want to name him Jonathan, in honor of his father Lyudmila Bratash. “I know it’s a boy. At the first meeting on the first day I fell in love with her immediately. I told her that we will be gods,” said the movie star.

Earlier, the actor and the skater told me that they did a reading according to which they will bring up three children. Nikita is very gentle to the Marina, so at the end of the press conference to the cries of journalists merged with the beloved in a passionate kiss. “I am a happy kid because I was 10 years ago met a unique woman,” said Nikita in a conversation with “NSN”.