Никас Сафронов получил 9 миллионов за порезанный палец The famous Russian artist of the second month is in the hospital. Doctors performed the painter complex operation on the index finger new year’s eve. Then Safronov survived another surgery, after which for several days was in intensive care.

Last spring, the artist did a night in the Studio. In the morning, throwing away unneeded sketches and tamping them in the bin, Nikas hurt the index finger of the right hand canning jar. The artist has disinfected the injury with iodine, bandaged and continued painting canvases. However, after a few days I noticed that the hand was badly swollen. Safronov turned to the clinic. Doctors gave the artist an anti-inflammatory ointment, but it didn’t help. Later it turned out I sprained a tendon and the infection has gone deeper. Doctors prescribed antibiotics Safronov, but they are also not had the desired effect.

The insurance company paid Nikas record for Russia amount. Damages as a result of domestic injuries accounted for nearly 9 million rubles. Nikas told how he feels today.

“I am already being treated for so long in the hospital that would have had to get married by correspondence. In a military hospital, where I was the past months, has a highly skilled workforce. Here all doctors extensive experience with wounds and wound infections. Leading surgeons who did my operation worked a lot in combat, truly rescued soldiers and officers with much more complex injuries than mine. So I trust them completely,” – said the artist.

Doctors diagnosed Safronova purulent-serous inflammation of the index finger, which is usually transmitted to the joint from a long unhealed wound. “After the first surgery I spent in the intensive care unit a day after the second — three, and the worst thing is that there was a complete lack of connection with the outside world. In the usual rhythm of my daily hundreds of calls, dozens of meetings, talks, interviews, events. And suddenly be in a complete vacuum… but still without the possibility to take up work of brush and paint — but this is psychologically difficult. But, on the other hand, there was a time in the silence to think about your own life, future plans…” said Nikas.

According to the newspaper “Sobesednik”, the artist often visited the famous friends: Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov, Igor Prokopenko, Catherine Christmas and other celebrities.