Nikas Safronov did not know about the hospitalization of a son

Никас Сафронов не знает о госпитализации сына On the eve of New year, the musician felt bad. The result of the deterioration of he had to seek medical help. The young man had a high fever, so the same day he was taken to one of the capital’s hospitals. Dad artist is not aware of the incident.

      Никас Сафронов не знает о госпитализации сына

      30 Dec Luka Zatravkin was taken to Botkin hospital with pneumonia. The day before he became ill. The young man said that he started to choke and couldn’t help but to seek help from professionals. The house where the musician left his mother. She met the New year alone, because Luke had to stay in the medical ocherednye.

      As reported by Luke “StarHit” the first of January he spent the night in intensive care. After that he was transferred to a General ward. Zatravkin feels very strongly about leaving the parent alone. He was going to celebrate new year’s eve with her, but due to poor health this was not possible. The father of a young man, the artist Nikas Safronov, apparently, knows about what happened to his illegitimate son. Zatravkin believes that he could report it, but they still failed to call.

      “Father right now in the Emirates, somewhere else. Tried to reach him failed. He has his own program there, he’s resting. He had to report that I was in the hospital, but we have not got in touch. I wanted to congratulate him on the New year, but did not work”, – said the musician “StarHit”.
      Никас Сафронов не знает о госпитализации сына

      Luke also said that now will not attempt to call the parent because it is important rather to recover and get to his feet. He was very worried about how the mom feels and wants to see her. Zatravkin admitted to “StarHit” that no one met and not going to do that. He’s not waiting for anyone from the family as mother, the only person close is at home.

      “Mom alone at home. I haven’t met yet, and no one’s visited me. I’m trying now to protect themselves from the communication and tune in to the treatment. I will soon give a concert, it is necessary to recover. And my mother very upset,” – said Luke.

      January 13, a young man is going to give a charity concert in one of the orphanages. Muscat have been preparing for this event, so he wants to restore power to not let anyone down.