Niece Oleg Yakovlev told about his secret wedding in Serbia

Племянница Олега Яковлева рассказала о его тайной свадьбе в Сербии Tatiana continues to fight for the inheritance. She decided to check whether her uncle Kutsevol and Alexandra were married a few years ago. Because now the beloved artist’s claims on his property.

Niece who died last summer Oleg Yakovlev Tatiana continues to fight for the inheritance. Bequest of the artist none of his properties do not have to go Alexander Kutsevol, with whom he lived for several years in a civil marriage. However, recently, it was reported that allegedly the singer has legalized relationship with the beloved, and their wedding took place in Serbia. Tatiana intends to test these data, therefore, sent a formal request to the Consulate.

“Oleg always said in private and public conversations that Kutsevol he does not intend to marry. But the documents proved that they were five years ago got married in Serbia in some small town with a population of 70 thousand people. I would have understood if the marriage was contracted in Montenegro. Oleg has an apartment there. But why go to this Serbian wilderness? And then to keep it all a secret? It is possible, of course, that Oleg did not want to upset fans by change in your family status. But the family-and their friends from “ivanushek” it could tell! Besides, there are no pictures from the wedding. And I have copies available from the register book of this town is not one signature,” – said the niece of the artist.

According to Tatyana, until the check comes, it will not provide any documents to the public. A young woman claims that in the preparation of wills Oleg never mentioned the name of Kutsevol.

“My uncle was a man of suspicious and Testament was made several times. The first time was when I bought an apartment on Derbenevskaya embankment. Then the document is repeatedly copied and supplemented,” explained a relative of ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International”.

At the moment Kutsevol live at the property deceased lover, located in the center of Moscow. According to some, there also moved her family. Tatiana has shared with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, what he plans to contest the will. “The day before the entry into force Alexander sent a notary to our paper, saying that she is for about five years with Oleg is legally married”, – explained the details of what is happening relative to the stars.