Niece Evelina Bledans ready to support her after the divorce

Племянница Эвелины Бледанс готова поддержать ее после развода The girl told about the situation in the family. Danielle didn’t know that aunt divorced with her husband Sergei Semin, although he was at her house in the winter. A relative of the presenter explained how their fellowship.
Племянница Эвелины Бледанс готова поддержать ее после развода

The guest of the program “the Stars aligned” was the niece Evelina Bledans Danielle. The girl lives in the Crimea and rarely communicates with her famous aunt. Some time ago her mom Diane went to jail. The woman was given three years imprisonment. “Was charged for the transportation of psychotropic drugs across the border,” explained Danielle.

Relative Bledans not appealed for help to the star. She sells things that got her aunt during their last meeting in the winter. Then Bledans concealed from loved ones, broke up with Alexander Semin.

Husband Bledans about divorce: “there always stood another man”

“I didn’t even know that she is one. We came before the New year. When mom asked her where is your husband, Evelina said that he was at work. It was obvious that she was sad and how she was frustrating,” said Danielle.

According to the girl, Evelina helped them when Diane went to jail. She was the niece of the star refuses to ask the famous relative about it. According to Danielle, aunt disown communication with them.

Recall that Diana was diagnosed with hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. However, such disease was not a factor that would have helped to avoid the woman punishment. According to her daughter, Evelina brought drugs sister during a recent visit to the Crimea, however, confused the names of drugs. The girl claims that after her mother planted Bledans not interested in their life and have not been offered a lawyer.

“There was no phone call, nothing. I have not heard a single word during these six months. I didn’t ask, but if she called me and said, “Come to me”, I would have come,” said Danielle.

Experts explained daughter Diane that she should collect a number of inquiries about the mother’s illness and to hire a lawyer which deals with cases of parole or change of sentence. Hepatitis tsiroz not included in the list of diseases for which a person can not serve his sentence, so you can expect only a modification of the judgment.