Niece Evelina Bledans asked for her forgiveness

Племянница Эвелины Бледанс попросила у нее прощения The girl admitted that her mother didn’t want to spoil the life of the artist, and regretting that they did not meet expectations of a celebrity. Due to problems with the law sisters, Evelyn stopped to chat with relatives.

Recently, the Network was shocked with the news that the sister of Evelina Bledans – Diana – went to jail. A relative of the famous TV presenter caught red-handed during crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border in November last year when she tried to smuggle potent substances. The court sentenced 39-year-old woman: the next 3 years she will spend in prison on charges of smuggling psychotropic substances.

Sisters Bledans very long time did not communicate with each other, their connection was lost, they met a few months ago during the broadcast the famous show. Then Evelyn asked for forgiveness from the sisters for abandoning her and not helping. It seemed that the family Bledans there idyll. Star even invited the sister and her daughter Danielle to her mansion, bought them gifts, took me to exhibitions, and tried to give them as much attention as possible. The news about the arrest of the sisters was so appalled by her that he refuses to talk about it. Daughter Diana was told that celebrity has stopped communication with them and not interested in the fate of his sister. Latest news from artist came when at the beginning of April relatives congratulated her birthday

Danielle admitted in the program “You would not believe” the NTV that to call Evelyn she was ashamed, but she doesn’t want to lose the connection with the mother’s aunt and she is very worried because of the situation. The girl blames herself with the mother, because they hid the truth about the state of Diana, who is seriously ill, and when she confessed everything to Evelina, she had a nervous breakdown.

“So many years not to chat with my aunt, and then find to find her and quick to lose… Elvira! I love you very much! We all love you and mom too! We really miss you, cherish you! No offense to us, we do not want!” – apologized niece Evelina.

Danielle does not believe in the guilt of his mother. She and her father (ex-husband of Diana – approx. the wording of “StarHit”) plans to file for an appeal. Now she leads in with her mom Yalta apartment tourists to gather for good lawyers.