Nicole Scherzinger refuses to act in the remake of “Dirty dancing” because of abortion

Николь Шерзингер отказывается сниматься в ремейке «Грязных танцев» из-за аборта

In 2017, the iconic film “Dirty dancing” (1987), where starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer grey, will get a remake.

TV channel ABC has decided to try to repeat the success of the film, which at one time was considered the most romantic and sentimental drama.

Starring in the new movie needs to do Abigail Breslin and Kolt the Pratts.

In the minor roles was the promised appearance of the dancer and singer Nicole Scherzinger. But this idea, as it turned out today, can be broken.

The fact that Nicole refuses to do a movie until the script is rewritten, is changed or rather key point. Scherzinger opposes the emergence in the story of the topic of abortion.

“I got this role, but hesitated for a long time. I don’t want to promote abortion. I think it’s a sin! – says the actress. My mother was pregnant with me when she was 17 years old, and she chose me. Her parents did not allow her to have an abortion. I came by the religiosity of my parents, and I just want people to not commit such a sin.”

Recall that in the original film Swayze’s dance partner, penny, finds out about her pregnancy, which puts it a choice: career or child. She decides to have an abortion.

If the writers do not agree to change the storyline, producers have to look for a new role of penny.