Nicole Scherzinger came to the delight of Russian cuisine

Николь Шерзингер пришла в восторг от русской кухни American singer in Moscow eat a lot of pancakes with caviar. Nicole Scherzinger was one of the guests of the international music award “BraVo”, held yesterday at the Bolshoi theatre. The lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls early in the morning after a speech went to a trendy Metropolitan restaurant, where a hearty Breakfast.

      American singer, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls 38-year-old Nicole Scherzinger and other celebrities were invited to the presentation of the international music award BraVo. At the Historic Bolshoi theatre in Moscow shone Denis Matsuev, Svetlana Zakharova, Yusif Eyvazov. Specially to participate in the event in Russia came to the legend of Italian cinema, an 82-year-old inimitable Sophia Loren, the star of Hollywood action 90-ies of Nastassja Kinski and other celebrities. Winners of the first International music award choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, the Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky and conductor Vladimir Spivakov.

      Nicole Scherzinger performed at the afterparty of the event, making a splash with their vocals.

      And Sunday morning in the capital of the American diva started with a visit to the trendy Metropolitan institution of Russian cuisine, the Grand café, “Dr. Zhivago”. Nicole Scherzinger shy did not and ordered several very hearty. The singer tasted the pancakes with caviar, vareniki with roasted potatoes and black sea oysters. The most vivid impression on Nicole Scherzinger were, of course, from pancakes with caviar. In the microblog star posted a picture showing how she hungrily eats the delicacy.

      “Great! I feel happiest when I eat this!” – admitted the singer of the group Pussycat Dolls.

      The emergence of overseas diva in a Russian restaurant made a splash. The guests could not believe the fact that for the neighboring table sits the soloist of the cult group.

      After Breakfast, Nicole Scherzinger happily posed for photos with the attendees of the restaurant, who learned in the fragile brunette the world star. Apparently, Nicole was pleasantly surprised and very glad that know her in Russia. “No wonder chatted until four in the morning! Accidentally met a beautiful PussycatDoll”, signed with the Scherzinger one of the user’s Instagram.