Николь Ричи никогда не критикует других мам

Mother of two and successful businesswoman Nicole Richie admitted in an interview with People that from a very early age taught their children Sparrow and Harlow independence. While a six year old son wears everything that comes his way in the closet (but it does so without the help of parents), his eight year old sister is already beginning to experiment with different styles.

Николь Ричи никогда не критикует других мам
“They choose what to go. Sparrow wants to be like his father, he often chooses clothes, like Joel. They both love the color black. And Harlow has her own style. She loves to experiment with different types, and I love it. Moreover, what would she choose – her-to-face,” said Nicole.
This summer Richie children accompany Joel Maddena tour of his band Good Charlotte “2016 Vans Warped Tour”. The constant moving is burdened Nicole, on the contrary, he finds them funny.

“Children make me laugh every day. They often leave me in phone funny photo or video,” said Nicole. When the children were young, Richie created around them, absolute silence, and now they are a very light sleeper. Now during the tour, when the bus and then someone sings or shouts, it is very difficult to sleep.
However, Nicole never gives advice to other mums, as if she did not want.
“I had two friends that had children before me. They were completely different in the upbringing of children and constantly denounced each other, pointed to the fallacy. I was always annoyed because there is no right way of child rearing. There’s no correct way to be a good mother. It all depends on your home and lifestyle. My biggest lesson is not to judge,” said Nicole.
Recall that recently in mass media there was information that the biological father of Nicole Richie, which has tens of millions of dollars, very poor. Due to financial problems, the man was forced to move with his common-law wife in a smaller house.


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