Николь Ричи готова развестись с мужем

We reported that Nicole Richie stirred up the audience with his appearance at a social event without a wedding ring. Rumors about the bad relations with her husband Joel Maddona go for more than a year. A family crisis was delayed, and, according to sources close to the celebrated couple, are ready to leave your spouse because of his immaturity and passions to other women.

“Nicole tried everything! Does she just throw up their hands and surrendered. Once she was a wild child, but now she was a mother, and she really wanted to believe that Joel will grow also, at least for the sake of children, if not for her sake,” — said the insider.
Nicole married a member of the band “Good Charlotte” in 2010. Their children Harlow and Sparrow, 9 and 7 years, respectively. Because walking and infantile husband Richie had a few breakdowns. So, in October 2015 all media spread the photo of Madden with an unknown blonde. Then Nicole told her husband that this is the last straw, and she filed for divorce. Soon the hype died down, but the precipitate, as they say, remained.
Over the past year, Nicole and I caught my husband writing a message to his former sweetheart Hilary Duff (since recently again a free woman), kissing with songwriter Bonnie McKee as well as flirting with his ward, Jessie j, Most likely, the humpback will fix only the grave.
Nicole decided to change in appearance and decided to undergo plastic surgery for breast augmentation, a breast “grew” two sizes did not deter her husband. The insider said that Richie already mentally said goodbye to his spouse and also looks towards other men.
“Divorce is inevitable” — says the source.